The holiday region

The Nature Park of Zittauer Gebirge

Our village Großschönau is located at the Zittauer Gebirge in an attractive and diverse landscape of small mountains. In this scenic and romantic area you will find silence and rest.

At the same time we offer you numerous cultural and leisure experiences for old and young people, which will make your holiday exciting. Here are some examples:

  • Hiking (in the winter skiing)
  • bicycling
  • on the beach in the woods with a great Sauna-Wellness-area
  • Damastmuseum (textile mill)
  • motorbike museum
  • idyllic neighbour villages such as Jonsdorf and Waltersdorf
  • our steaming Schmalspurbahn (steam train)
  • the mountain Oybin with a great castle ruin
  • the city of Zittau with the reign supreme Fastentüchern in the Kreuzkirche
  • ice-rink hall
  • Sommerrodelbahn, a kilometer-long outdoor roller course
  • the Dinopark
  • day trips to Dresden, Bautzen, Görlitz, Prag, to Niederschlesien or nearby the Czech Iser- and Riesengebirge

Impressions of the surroundings

The Schmalspurbahn “Bimmelbahn” – The steam train!

Großschönau – Your holiday village

Zittau – The big historic and living city

Obercunnersdorf – The memorial place of „Der Umgebindehäuser“

Olbersdorfer See – The oasis in the mountains

TRIXI-Park – makes one fit with pleasure

Links to sights close to the holiday house:

  • Oberlausitz Welcome in Oberlausitz
  • Berg Oybin A meeting with Gothic and Romantic
  • Oybiner Ritterspiele plays of chivalry with humour and love, action and romance – in Oybin the Middle Ages are brought to life
  • Bimmelbahn With steam trains in the Zittauer Gebirge, an unforgettable tour with  a nostalgic touch
  • Neiße-Tours mit Schlauchbooten Put on your rubber boots and discover some of the last natural rivers in Germany and Poland
  • Großschönauer Kirche In the centre of town you can see the ensemble of the church and Niederkretscham.
  • Kottmarsdorfer Mühle The ideal start of hikes to Spreequelle or climbs to the top of  Kottmar.
  • Zittauer Gebirge The smallest of the German Mittelgebirge situated in the centre of  Europe
  • Kloster Marienthal The convent  Marienthal is to be found by Lausitzer Neiße and is the oldest convent for women of the Zisterzienserordenen in Germany
  • Umgebindeland A resort in the middle of Europe, which until today still shows undisturbed architecture.
  • Fastentuch The Fastentuch reigns supreme in Germany and has a culture-historical meaning to Europe.
  • Lausche With its 793m, the Lausche is the highest mountain in the Lausitzer Gebirge and in the Oberlausitz
  • Zoo Liberec The Zoo in Liberec is the oldest in the Czech Republic.
  • Botanischer Garten Liberec The botanic garden in Liberec.
  • Jeschken Restaurant and hotel on top of Jested is a supreme building.
  • Deutsches Damast- und Frottiermuseum A lot of valuable weavings from the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Volkskunde- und Mühlenmuseum Folklore and mill museum is situated in the earlier cornmill with original restored mill rooms.
  • Olbersdorfer See The sea of Olbersdorf is a gravel pit sea in southern Löbau-Zittau.
  • Reiterhaus The chivalry house, memorial of the town and city museum, is one of the oldest Umgebindehäuser in the resort of Oberlausitz.
  • Freizeitpark TRIXI TRIXI-Park is a dream for the children.  Paradise for busy people looking for a relaxing day.
  • Schmetterlingshaus Butterfly house where you can experience the tropics.
  • Saurierpark An experience of prehistoric time.
  • Irrgarten-Kleinwelka Guarantee of exciting adventures.
  • Miniaturenpark You feel like Goliath in the Miniature Park.
  • Kulturinsel Einsiedel Secret paths go through a fantastic labyrinth filled with experiences.
  • Sommer- und Winterrodelbahn You have to try. Go with the Rodelbahn by Zittauer Gebirge!
  • Oberlausitzer Bergweg Oberlausitzer Bergweg is a hiking route in Lausitzer Bergland and Zittauer Gebirge.
  • Zittauer Jakobsweg Do you like hiking? Then you have to try to go out in the landscape of Sachsen.

Cities and villages in the Nature Park of the Zittauer Gebirge

  • Bertsdorf-Hörnitz is to be found by the side to Mandau, with farms on both sides of the valley and great protected stocks of Umgebindehäusern in Talsohle.
  • Großschönau is down by Zittauer Gebirge.
  • Hainewalde is next to Zittauer Gebirge and has a lot of Umgebindehäusern, also on the Neue Schloss Hainewalde, the Watercastle and the Roschertal.
  • Obercunnersdorf A village example of a static accepted place of recreation in the northeast of Kottmar, which shows you more than 250 Oberlausitzer Umgebindehäuser.
  • Waltersdorf is to be found 11km southwest of Zittau by Lausche, the highest mountain in Zittauer Gebirge with a lot of Umgebindehäuser.
  • Zittau as city of the district in Löbau-Zittau is to be found outside Oberlausitz and Sachsen in Dreiländereck „Germny-Polen-Czech Republic“.
  • Seifhennersdorf is to be found in the valleys of  Mandau and  Leutersdorf
  • Jonsdorf, is a static accepted  Recreational area in  Zittauer Gebirge and is divided in several places direct on the border to Czech Republic
  • Leutersdorf is to be found as an Oberlausitzer Umgebindehaus landscape in the middle of closed hiking routes going through the woods and fields.
  • Mittelherwigsdorf situated approx 3km northwest from Zittau to the valley of Rietsche- or Ritzebaches and Mandau.
  • Olbersdorf South of Zittau it is the connection to the historic city of Zittau and it is the smallest town in the German Mittelgebirge.
  • Oybin – right down in the valley – is a living centre of Zittauer Gebirge, surrounded by green mountains.