Umgebindehäuser – What is that?

Umgebindehäuser – you will fall in love!

At a first glance they look like “normal” half-timbered houses. Look more closely, they reveal their own architectural world: the half-timbered houses. They are unique in Europe. They shape an entire stretch of land. They cover the region from Oberlausitz and Sächsischen Schweiz to Niederschlesien and Nordböhmen.

The Umgebindehäuser are probably emerged in 15-16. Century. Simple village craftsmen combined the half timber and block construction with each other in a genius way, and thus gaining the benefits of both. The Blockstube – a room constructed by timber- is surrounded by a support structure of wooden pillars on which the roof or another floor rests. This support structure is the called the Umgebinde.

Over the centuries, the unconventional design was developed and adapted to new requirements. Thus, the generations have produced a variety of homes – large, small, narrow, broad, simple and representative. There is no type of house of greater individuality. Each house – often masterfully decorated – is unique.

Where else can you find such a variety of Umgebindehäusern, as here in the Zittau Gebirge? Remain in the amazement and make an idyllic holiday in the middle of the Umgebindelandschaft.

Source: umgebindeland